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Spectral Technology

Portable Spectral Services is constantly working on research and development of spectral technology.

This allows us the opportunity to experiment how these technologies weave into one another, allowing projects to stand out.

In our suite we currently have:

Bruker M4 Tornado micro XRF

Micro - XRF

Bruker FTIR




Bruker Tracer 5i portable XRF

Portable XRF

Spectral Evolution OreExpress SR-6500
ASD Terraspec

SWIR / NIR was created to provide a free and accessible resource for Raman technology.

We aim to continue this with other spectral technology! 

Coming Soon 

This website was made in collaboration with Geochemical Services, a consulting company from Perth, Australia, 

Professor Spectrum

Portable Spectral Services Youtube channel that teaches about spectral technology. 
Raman Ready Series 
A series of videos on everything Raman. Learn about the theory, scan times, and demonstrations.
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