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Let us assist you in incorporating Raman and other spectral technologies to allow the project to flourish to its full potential.   We will get your project off the ground and running.

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Our consultation service can support you to build your project from the start or enhance established ventures.

Depending on your individual needs we can assist with:


  • Using Raman technology to enhance your project/s

  • Using a suite of spectral technologies to bring depth to a project

  • Incorporate analytical data processing software for advanced interpretation

  • Running proof of concept studies 

  • Receive advice from spectral specialists

  • Using spectral software including OPUS

  • Organising Raman training for staff

  • Developing procedures to ensure QAQC and quality spectra collection

Our consultation is customisable to the requirements of your project to ensure it’s of the highest quality.  

Did you know?

 We specialise in LCT pegmatites, and are working to develop our reference libraries to offer a wider range of applications and services.

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