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About Us was created by Portable Spectral Services  to be a one stop place for the promotion and education of Raman technology.

Portable Spectral Services has worked in collaboration with Geochemical Services to be able to develop and create innovative and world first projects. Our focus remains firmly in the realm of research and development.

We aim to raise the awareness and credentials of Raman technology and how it can be utilised in various industries and ventures.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, our staff are dedicated to their roles and work hard to bring spectral technology to the forefront of analytical and research-based projects. We regularly attend Raman and spectral analytical related conferences. In addition to submitting research papers. 

Professor Spectrum

Portable Spectral Services Youtube channel that teaches about spectral technology. 
Raman Ready Series 
A series of videos on everything Raman. Learn about the theory, scan times, and demonstrations.
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