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Identify & Verify 

Do you have unknown samples you would like to identify? Or perhaps have some you are not completely confident with the identification?  

eucryptiteblack (1).png
eucryptitespectrapink (1).png

Confirm your samples through spectral matching 

By Portable Spectral Services: Image of Eucryptite sample
By Portable Spectral Services: Spectrum of Eucryptite 

To identify a sample, the Raman scans the sample to generate a spectrum. This is then matched against a library of reference spectra to identify the material. This same process is used for verification.


Want to know more about the process? Have a look at our Raman Basics for more insight. 

This service includes:

  • Targeted sample analysis

  • Systematic bulk sample analysis

  • Grade control

  • Quick identification

  • Advanced mineral delineation

  • Mineral mapping​

We can help identify and verify samples on an analytical level to bring you confidence and certainty.

We can help identify and verify a wide range of sample media. This includes:

  • Diamond core

  • RC chips

  • Pulps

  • Hand specimen

Did you know?

 We specialise in LCT pegmatites, and are working to develop our reference libraries to offer a wider range of applications and services.

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